#hamont #h24 continued!

We finished shooting all our scenes by 8am - just intime before the whole rainstorm rolled in. Extremely lucky for us, as our film was being shot all outside. I felt horrible for anyone who hadn’t started shooting by then.

After shooting, it’s time for editing magic to happen. This is where the story gets put together, and everything comes together in harmony. D’AW! This is where my major role comes in. We had set up shop in a garage, as the main Editor was allergic to the animals in the house. It was for the best because I really didn’t want to decrust his eyes every 5mins. Gross…. eyeballs. haha anyways. ..

Many hours were spent in this garage - transcoding, editing, laughing, colour-correcting, joking around, fixing sound, adding music, and panicing as the deadline approached.

We had from 8pm - 9pm to hand in our finished film.

My adrenaline kicked in when we left at 8:!5pm to go hand in the finish product.
All that hardwork, and sleep deprivation made me panic about missing the deadline.
Needless to say, we obviously made it on time, and received our showing time.
Tuesday June 14th at 8PM (just incase you wanted to know)

I was dropped off at home. I dropped my bag, and I was out like a light bulb!

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